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Are you looking for a challenging job in a recruitment agency?

work at absolute jobs

We invest in non-stop training and encourage our employees, via intensive support, to integrate and further develop their career within the local labour market. We believe that a happy employee is a better employee.


we're looking for entrepreneurs who show initiative and responsibility

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Regardless if you're working in one of our offices or you are part of the support team, our employees are all entrepreneurs. This creates high commitment, independence and the necessary space to take your own initiative.

Continuous learning

You will be part of a growing company that is continuously improving their services. By working at Absolute Jobs, you can follow internal and external trainings, because we like to pay attention to our staff's personal and professional development.


Despite the complex regulations and issues pertaining to the (international) labor market, by working at Absolute Jobs you will meet a wide range of internal and external specialists. You will be able to ask questions to the right people, to help your expertise grow.

Pleasant workplace

You spend a lot of time working at Absolute Jobs, so it's important that you feel good at the job. You'll work in beautiful offices, alongside beautiful people, that are stylish, modern and dynamic...very much like us.

No-Nonsense Approach

Working at Absolute Jobs is more than a frill. There's much meaning in our slogan "we go the extra mile". By working in our company, the employees become focused, accurate, helpful, good listeners, punctual, honest, oriented towards results, unique and ambitious!

The Fun Factor

We consider professional life to be more than "a serious job". Since we spend a lot of time together working at Absolute Jobs, it's important to enjoy it with laughter, giggles and delight. The activities we organise are meant to give us the energy needed to push our limits.

We inspire our employees and our candidates to ‘go the EXTRA MILE’ and be the BEST they can be! Some people LOOK for an amazing job. Others MAKE a job amazing.
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