Sign your employment contract online

On this page you will find all the information needed in order to make the employment procedure run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

We focus on ensuring that communication between you and the employer runs perfectly. With this in mind, we act like a link that guarantees optimum collaboration for all the parties involved.

STEP 1: Activate your e-mail address

When the time comes, you will receive an e-mail regarding your new contract, that's ready to be signed.

  • Click the button “Contract lezen en ondertekenen’.

STEP 2: Signing your contract

You can sign your contract with an e-ID (you need your pin if you choose this option) or with a personal password (= an authorization). Signing with e-ID: put your ID into the card reader, enter your pin and the contract will be signed. Signing with a password is also very easy, you just need to follow some steps.

To receive your own password, you need to ask for an authorization. You only need to do this once. Follow step 3 until 8.

STEP 3: Create an authorization (= mandaat)

If you click the button ‘Ondertekenen met paswoord’ for the first time (STEP 2), you will see the screen below. Click the button ‘Maak uw mandaat aan’.

STEP 4: Create an authorization with your e-ID or with a password

You will have to make a choice: either you create an authorization with your e-ID or you create one with a pincode.

  • e-ID: if you choose the first option ‘Ik onderteken met mijn e-ID kaart’, you need to put your ID into the card reader and enter your pincode. Now the authorization will be completed.
  • Pincode: you also have the possibility to create an authorization through a pincode. You will receive this pincode by e-mail or by text message. Choose ‘Ja, ik onderteken met een code die ik via e-mail ontvang…’ and click the button ‘Volgende’.

STEP 5: Your pincode for the authorization

If you choose the option ‘Ik onderteken met de pincode die ik in mijn mailbox vind’, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a pincode. Example:

STEP 6: Fill in your pincode to create the authorization

After you have received your pincode, enter it and click ‘OK’.

STEP 7: choose your personal password

You will be asked how you wish to be informed about a new (weekly) contract. You can choose by e-mail or by text message. Then enter a personal password you will use, from now on, to sign all of your contracts. Now click the button ‘Volgende’ on the right below. The chosen password is valid for one year. No matter which interimoffice you work for, you will always be able to use the same password.

STEP 8: Confirmation of your authorization

You will see a document with the details of the authorization. Click the button ‘Ondertekenen’ on the right below. Now everything is set up for you to sign your contracts with your chosen password. You will no longer have to repeat step 3 until 8.

STEP 9: Signing your contract

The authorization is now complete. Click ‘Contract ondertekenen’ to sign your first contract.

Now, you will be redirected to the same screen you saw at STEP 2. On this screen, you will always be able to choose between ‘Ondertekenen met e-ID’ and ‘Ondertekenen met paswoord’.

Since your authorization is OK, click the button ‘Ondertekenen met paswoord’.

STEP 10: Signing with a password

Fill in your personal password and click the button ‘Teken met eigen paswoord’.

STEP 11: All your contracts will be filed

Your contract has been successfully signed and will be transferred to the interimoffice.

STEP 12: Activate your account

You will also receive an e-mail to activate your account. Click the button ‘Activeer Adminbox’.

STEP 13: create your account

To create an account, you need a login and a password. Your login will be your e-mail address. You can choose a password to access your own ‘Adminbox’.

STEP 14: Adminbox

Once you have logged onto your Adminbox, above you will find two buttons: ‘Documenten’ and ‘Taken’. If you want to see your unsigned contracts, you need to click ‘Taken’. You can always consult all of your signed contracts by clicking the button ‘Documenten’.

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