WO11 - Truckdriver CE - 13/09/2018

Day job


For our customer region Tielt specialized in road works we are looking for an experienced driver CE; You control independently and on your own responsibility, a truck with tractor and trailer. With this heavy and bulky road vehicle you transport goods via public roads. You deliver these goods safely and on time to the recipient. Sometimes you are engaged when loading and unloading those goods. You take care of the basic maintenance of the vehicle. Before departure you check the technical suitability of the truck. You fill in and keep the required documents. You check the load, even during loading and unloading. You drive skillfully and in accordance with applicable legislation. You take into account the technical requirements of the vehicle. You respond appropriately to unexpected situations such as traffic jams, accidents and road diversions.


  • You strictly apply the safety rules related to the load (ADR). You are constantly attentive while driving.
  • Long journeys burden your back. A good condition is required.
  • A specific diploma is not required.
  • In possession of mandatory documents (driving license CE, code 95, ...)


  • Attractive remuneration.
  • + -10 to 12 hours per day.
  • Truck can be taken home during the week (on condition that it is parked safely), on Friday the truck is expected back at the courier.
Sigrid Vanhaecke
Commercial Sales Recruiter
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